Hand in Hand Counseling at Grace Church
A “hand in hand” approach to counseling.
Reaching out for help is a courageous first step to working through the problems you are facing.
Why Counseling?
You have your own unique story that includes victories and struggles.
If you are facing a challenge that feels overwhelming, working with a
counselor can help. Counseling helps individuals, families and couples
explore the problems they are facing and discover ways to cope
with them more effectively.  We will work together to enhance your
strengths and resources so you can approach each challenge
with a sense of control.
Is it Affordable?
Affordable appointments
with self-pay fees are available. 
If finances are of concern,
give us a call
so we can share
some options with you.
Want to Know More?
For more information, please visit www.handinhandcounselingservices.com.
Services Offered:
Counseling for
individuals, families,
and couples
stress management
grief and loss
relationship issues
adjustment issues
substance abuse
anger management.
Location and Contact Information:
Hand in Hand Counseling Services, LLC
(located on the 2nd floor of Grace Church,
entrance and doorbell on north side of the church)
Call to make an appointment!
Jessica Rullo,
(330) 395 – 5231 (ext. 3)