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In All Her Glory.
For about six months, Pastor Kyle has been planning to preach on women’s leadership in the Bible—tackling some of the most difficult passages in the Old and New Testaments to point to the radical freedom women are given to lead in the movement founded by Jesus.
At the end of October, some corners the internet exploded after a well-known male pastor said some things about a well-known female Bible teacher. The comments were distressing to say the least.
Somehow those comments serendipitously—providentially—make this series all the more timely.
Jesus founded a movement, not an institution. When we see the church as an institution to protect instead of a movement to multiply, we end up drawing lines that Jesus and Paul never drew, because they knew that the Jesus movement needs fathers -and- mothers.
We’ll be working through this series throughout November. For some, it will be disturbing; for others, refreshing. Our hope is that we can come to the text together and walk away more unified despite our differences.

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