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If you’re looking for a warm community where you can worship and meet Jesus through singing, hearing God’s Word taught, and connecting with others, we’d love to invite you to experience Grace Church. 
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Feb. 17 – Ash Wednesday service at 7pm
Feb. 21 (Lent 1) – The Last Supper – Mark 14:12, 22-25
Feb. 28 (Lent 2) – The Garden of Gethsemane – Mark 14:26, 32-42
Mar. 7 (Lent 3) – Condemned by the Righteous – Mark 14:53, 55, 61-68, 70-72
Mar. 14 (Lent 4) – Jesus, Barabbas, and Pilate – Mark 15:1-15
Mar. 21 (Lent 5) – The Torture and Humiliation of the King – Mark 15:15b-23
Mar. 28 (Lent 6) – Palm Sunday – Tha Crucifixion – Mark 15:25-39
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