Your First Sunday at Grace Church

Don’t Panic. It’s Just Church. 

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be a vulnerable experience. To help you feel more prepared, know this: everyone at Grace Church will be glad to see you and make you feel welcome—without mobbing you!  We want you first and foremost to encounter Jesus. So, take a look at these frequently asked questions as you prepare for your first visit. 

What Should I Wear?

We’re a big fan of clothes. We don’t care if it’s jeans, shorts, or a suit. You’ll see it all here. We’re just glad you showed up. 

Is There Parking? 

Absolutely. There’s plenty of parking on all sides of our building, and pretty much any entrance to get where you’re going. If you need directions, someone will gladly help you. 

What About My Kids?

During the 11:00 am hour, we offer children’s church so kids can encounter Jesus in meaningful ways that make sense to them. Because we care for your children’s safety, we have a small registration process on Sunday mornings to make sure every child is always accounted for. Pastor Barry will dismiss the children from the church service in the sanctuary, and they’ll be led to their classrooms by our (background checked!) volunteers. You can pick them up after the service ends. Of course, your kids are welcome to stay with you for the duration of the service.  You’re welcome to tend to the needs of your children at any time!

Will I Have to Identify Myself? 

Don’t worry—we won’t ask you to stand up, wear a special name tag, or anything else that would draw attention to the fact that you’re a guest. You’ll be invited to let us know you’re with us, but we ask everyone to do that via a Connection Card. 

What Can I Expect about the Service?

Our sole focus will be on Jesus—so everything we do has to do with Him. We’ll sing, pray, worship God, and spend time in fellowship with one another.  We’ll celebrate what God is doing in and through us, and you’ll have a chance to say hello to those around you. We’ll have a mini-sermon just for kids. Each week, we study a particular Biblical text, learn from it, apply it, and seek to live it out.

Will You Ask for My Money?

There will be a time in our worship service that we’ll invite folks to give to the work God is doing through Grace Church. If it’s your first time, your presence is your gift to us. If you feel like connecting to God through giving, we will be grateful that a need may be touched or met by your generosity.