The Food Pantry at Grace Church

Grace Church Food Pantry

(330) 395 – 5231  Ext. 2


The Grace Food Pantry is a ministry of Grace Church for those living in Warren, Ohio. The Food Pantry is for anyone in need: single parents, unemployed individuals, families, young adults or college students, the elderly, or anyone else in need. 
If you are in need of assistance, please call before Friday of the second week of the month, to request monthly food distributions. Boxes or bags of food are based on the size of the family unit requesting food and are distributed on the third Thursday of each month.
The pantry is run by volunteers, and the food provided is donated by members of Grace Church. You can support the Food Pantry by donating food to Grace Church, donating items to be sold in our annual Rummage Sale, purchasing items at our Rummage Sale, or by donating clothing to the Clothing Shed located in our parking lot.